How are points spent?

Elephant finder and all functions of the bot cost points. In turn, this points you can buy in the relevant payment page on our travian4bot site.

How are points spent?

  • Search for elephants or croppers cost 3 points.
    3 points are debited if you specified the coordinates of a point different from (200|200) or went to the pagination page.
  • Creating new bot cost 20 points.

Why haven’t you received free points upon registration?

We have temporarily suspended the addition of demo points due to the fact that some users have abused this feature. But we also reduced the price for buying points. Even the smallest package will last for a long time.

Why should you add points?

At the start of each Travian server, we scan the crop cells. Every few days we are looking for elephants on every server in the game.

This requires certain costs on our part. Therefore, we decided to take a symbolic payment for finding elephants and crop cells. By adding points, you can always find crop cells and elephants on each server.

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