How to earn points

After you register, you will need to add points to your account.
Points are needed to search for elephants, croppers or to launch bots.

You can buy (it’s not expensive at all) or earn points.

Now we offer 2 ways to earn points:

  • writing forum posts
  • creating game accounts

Writing forum posts (20 points / 5 posts)

20 points for every 5 posts on the forum.
Ask questions, answer other users, describe your experience of using the bot or looking for elephants.
For example, if you write 15 posts, you will get 60 points.

Creating accounts (100 points / 10 accs)

Just create 10 accounts on different game servers and add them in this form (you need to be registered and logged).

After adding, write to the Discord or and I will add 100 points to your account.

Note. We will be using these accounts for elephant scanning and possibly other purposes.
Perhaps these accounts will be banned in the near future. Do not add accounts on which you plan to play for a long time. Add only newly registered and unimportant for you 🙂

travian earn gold points

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