How to start Bot?

How to create my first bot?

Register, login, open Bots dashboard and hit “Create bot”, fill the form and wait about 2 minutes.

After it you will be able to manage you bot.

How many bots can I have?

Now we do not limit the number of bots.

Why is the bot free?

Bot is not free. but it costs symbolic money (about 7 cents). We are testing new features and fixing bugs found.

What can a bot do?

Building, order troops, gold club farm, adventures, quests and many other.

Look Features now avaliable post at start of this channel

Will new features be added?

Strategies for dealing with a large number of villages added. We are constantly working on adding new features and fixing bugs.

Nothing works for me. What to do?

We are trying to fix bugs related to changes in the game and add new features to the bot.

If you spot a bug, please let us know:

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